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NEW!  Pre-Order Bulk & Specialty Cuts.  For the 2019 Season, special cuts (anything other than whole chicken) will need to be pre-ordered for each processing date.  Use this form to pre-order:  Bulk & Special Cuts 2019 Order Form 

Our Eggs

Chicken Eggs

All of our cartons come in gorgeous "ombre" patterns.  Its something I started 3 years ago and customers seem to love it. You'll get a variety of medium to extra large eggs in every carton of blues, greens, white, brown and sometimes very dark brown eggs.  They all tastes the same! But our eggs are so much better.  Bright orange and sitting "in" the whites, not sluffing off to side and pale yellow. Bring a little beauty to your mornings.  ♥

Price: $ 3.00/dozen/large

Price: $ 3.25/dozen/Extra Large

Price: $ 3.50/dozen/Jumbo

Price: $ 4.50/18 packs (mixed sizes)

Price: $ 2.50/dozen xsmall & small                     eggs (when available)

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Turkey Eggs

Turkey Eggs taste just like chicken eggs except that they are HUGE.  A jumbo carton will usually just barely close.  This will be our first year offering turkey eggs to customers.  You'll find the shells are harder than a chicken but the yolks are just as orange, if not more because Turkeys are better foragers than chickens. (And ours fly OVER the electric yeah, much better foragers (and flyers) than chickens.) (Photo credits because we don't have our own pictures yet)

Price: $ 4.50/dozen (when available)


Chickens average in size from 4-7 lbs.  Sometimes we have a few tipping the scales at 10lbs!

Thats like a small turkey!

Whole Fresh & Frozen Chicken

Pastured raised chickens are available by the whole or half.  Only available fresh the day of processing

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Price: $ 3.00/lb PROCESSING DAY ONLY.

Price: $ 3.50/lb frozen 


Price: $ 3.75/lb PROCESSING DAY ONLY.

Price: $ 4.00/lb frozen 

If you've never had a FRESH turkey for Thanksgiving, then you have to read our testimonials!

Whole Fresh Turkey

Pastured raised turkey are available the week before Thanksgiving. Orders are taken all summer long. Our turkeys range in size from 12 lbs to 30lbs.  A $40 deposit and an approximate weight that you would like is required. After 1 November, deposits are not returned. Customers will be notified of the pickup date, usually the weekend before Thanksgiving. Only 100 turkeys are avaialable, and we sell out every year. Order early!

Fresh Turkey

Price: $ 4.10/lb 

Reserve your 2019 Thanksgiving Turkey Now!  Only 100 will be available and we sell out FAST! 

Turkey Legs

Pastured raised turkeys. Excellent flavor and texture. A meal all by themselves! These legs are perfect for baking and for making soups, stews and casseroles. Average weight of 2-4 lbs. 

Price: $ 3.35/lb frozen

Ground Lean Turkey

90% turkey breast is ground and packed in 1 and 2 pound vacuum sealed packages.  

Price: $ 5.00/lb frozen

Turkey Drumsticks

Pastured raised turkeys. Excellent flavor and texture. These drumsticks are perfect for making soups, stews and casseroles. 

Price: $2.00/lb frozen

Turkey Wings

Pastured raised turkeys. Excellent flavor and texture. These wings are perfect for making small soups, stews and casseroles.  

Price: $ 1.75/lb frozen

Chicken Feet

We know, not the prettiest things to look at, but oh my! do they make the BEST stock & bone broth. Packed full of vitamins, trace minerals, collagen, and calcium they definately need to be added to your diet. Watch youtube videos for how to prepare them.

Feeding your dogs a raw diet?  Then these are perfect! Act fast -- they sell out soon after processing day.

Price: $ 1.75/lb frozen