Truth in Advertising....


What it means: "Cage-free is certainly not like Old McDonald's farm," explains Paul Shapiro, spokesperson for the Humane Society of the United States. Generally, it means that animals are not kept in the tiny battery cages used in most egg operations. It doesn't mean the animals live outside or that they eat a diet free of arsenic and antibiotics. It is true that cage-free operations are slightly healthier for you. Cages generate more fecal dust, are associated with more disease-carrying rodents and insects, involve many cages that are difficult to disinfect, and lead to low natural immunity in stressed-out hens.  Can you trust it? No. There's no independent third party that certifies egg producers as cage-free, so you really have to take producers at their word.

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Vegetarian Fed

NEWS FLASH! CHICKENS ARE NOT VEGETARIANS!  Chickens on an unsupplemented vegetarian diet typically fall short of an essential protein-based amino acid known as methionine, and without it, they fall ill. Worse, the birds will also turn on each other, pecking at each other in search of nutrients, and these incidents can escalate into a henhouse bloodbath, farmers say.

The vast majority of those organic chickens are fed a ration of corn and soy beans that is supplemented with a synthetic version of methionine.

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Scrambled Eggs: Separating Factory Farm Egg Production from Authentic Organic Agriculture

“After the big guys got into organic production using porches, more and more of the organic egg market was coming from birds that never went outside,” says Dena Jones, who directs the farm animal program at the Animal Welfare Institute. “If you ask any organic consumer, nobody would think of a porch as being outdoor access. It just wasn’t what the consumer expects.”

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"Cage Free"Broilers


NOWHERE, I repeat nowhere in the world are broiler chickens raised in CAGES!  So, you think you're buying something good but its just a simple marketing ploy.

I also noticed the "enhanced with up to 17% of a seasoned solution" Our chicken is so good -- we add absoutely nothing! But, if you buy this particular roaster, you're paying for the weight that was added by this seasoned solution. With our chickens, you get CHICKEN.  Not a solution that is going to cook off anyway.

Trade Names, “Steroid Free” and “Hormone Free”

Confession:  we do it too.  When we didn't, people always asked, because so many big brand companies are using this claim -- so people believe that if you don't state it, you must be using them.  Its even on the roaster above and the turkey below -- both huge commerical operations, misleading the everyday consumer.

As it turns out, federal regulations have never permitted hormones or steroids in poultry so this statement is somewhat comparable to someone claiming that their bottled water is “fat free.” Sure it is. But that’s only exciting if you know nothing about water. For the record, Tyson, Perdue, MacDonald’s, and even Wal-Mart’s Great Value chicken is also raised without artificial hormones.

No "GROWTH" promoting antibiotics (in big bold text)

See the no added hormones or steroids? In bold black print?  Read the claim above.  Now lets get back to the "growth" promoting antiobitics...underneath in small print it says "antibiotics responsibly used for the health and wellfare of our poultry".  So they DO use antibiotics, just not for growth.  When have you ever heard of antibiotics being used to stimulate growth? Again, you probably would only be drawn to the large print "No growth promoting antibiotics" and not even read the small print. Marketing ploy.