Jason Deguehery November 26, 2016: "We got a 17 lb turkey to cook for thanksgiving dinner from Just Wingin It poultry farm. I made a bacon pesto rub that we added and that was it. (I used apples and oranges with a little bit of stuffing to seal the cavity) We used the easy to follow directions that were provided and it was the best turkey I/we have ever had. It was over the top delicious, Juicy, moist, and full of flavor.  *WHEN YOU GET YOUR TURKEY, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS GIVEN FOR PROPER COOK TIME AND TEMPS. It will cook different from the store bought birds. Thank you Just Wingin It poultry farm!!!"   

Tracey M Jones November 17, 2016: "Had the pleasure of tasting the delicious turkey raised at just wingin it. WOW! So flavorful and moist, wish I had ordered one for Thanksgiving. I will next year!"  

Kelly Burdick, August 26,2016: "Awesome eggs, easy service (just grab eggs from the fridge on the porch, leave your money and enjoy your eggs). The chickens and turkeys are living the life on this farm! Stephanie is super nice, great with kids and clearly loves what she does. An asset to the North Country for sure!"

‎Jilayne Salisbury‎ August 9, 2016: "I visited Just Wingin' It poultry farm to pick up my fresh pastured SMOKED half-turkey today. I loved the ambiance of the log cabin, I was introduced to the hens with a meet and greet and they are on target to enchant you on command (check it out), the turkeys are strutting their stuff (the males all gravitated to their owner), the younin's do a great a turkey call (!), the meat chickens obey their master to go play in the grass, the puppies chirp to meet you! Wow! The owners are down-to-earth and love their farm, and provide farming education! This is a must visit!"

Rebecca Newton May 16, 2016: "These are the best eggs my family has ever eaten. We are true believers in just wingin' it poultry farm!"

Nick Brandenburg, February 27, 2016: "Amazing place! Was our fist time visiting and wanted to get some eggs on a cold windy morning, and Stephanie still took the time to show us around and let our son feed the chickens too! We really had a fantastic time and will be regular customers! Oh and the eggs were absolutely delicious, can't wait to try their turkey!"  

Matthew Montroy, February 11, 2016: "Great farm fresh eggs. Always fresh and taste good."

Brianne Brown February 9, 2016: "We love the farm fresh eggs they are so delicious! Can't wait to try their chicken!"

‎Jennifer Elizabeth‎ November 26, 2015: "Best turkey ever!! Thank you!"

‎Jilayne Salisbury‎ November 10, 2015: "Thanks for the eggs!!! I cringe when I get low. BTW: I had a double-yolker yesterday! Too cool!"

‎Harmony Williams September 29, 2015: "Looking to pick up eggs. We would like up to 5-6 dozen. Enjoyed them so much last time!"  

Desiree Scott D'Ercole: September 7, 2015: "Cooked one of your chickens today and I have to say it was the best tasting and juiciest chicken I've ever had!! I'll definitely be getting another! !! Thank you! !"

Justin Rousseau June 28, 2015: "Chicken was such a great price ! I will be coming for another one! Thank you!"

‎‎Collene Leigh‎ June 13, 2015: "I'm being completely unbiased when I say this chicken is amazing. My husband and I baked a whole chicken Monday. Saved some meat and the carcus put the rest in a zip lock bag for sandwiches. I made chicken noodle soup the next day and had a ton of meat in it. The next day we ate left overs. He's had at least five sandwiches, I've had three... There's still enough for more. We had four bowls of soup that night and had a bunch left over. There is a ton of meat on these chickens and they're delicious!! Well worth it. "  

Christina Marnell Chapa December 30, 2016: reviewed Just Wingin' It Poultry Farm — 5 star

Amber Murrell Rogers August 6, 2015: ​​​​​​​"Thank you for the great experience for my kids today. And all the awesome deals!"

Amber Murrell Rogers: August 12, 2015: "Our family just enjoyed the chicken I purchased from your farm last week. And it was awesome. I will be a repeat customer!"

Nicole Hall‎ August 6, 2016: "We love this farm!" 

Pablo Otero‎  April 2, 2015: "The grandchildren having fun at Just Wingin it Poultry Farm. Thank you!"

Stephanie Sutton, Alex Hazard & Christy Houghtaling 

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"Another interesting day on the job. Meet our newest clients." #ABC50 — at Just Wingin' It Poultry Farm.